GS-911 FAQ

General GS-911 FAQs

Some of these information links will take you to the manufacturer's website in South Africa.
Please be aware that you can purchase the GS-911
here on the US site and save on shipping costs and shipping time.

Can GS-911 reset service reminders?

Yes it does. Please see the function chart for details.

Can the GS-911 functionality be upgraded?

As those new functions are developed, will they be available with only a client software upgrade or will the GS-911 firmware require upgrading? If firmware, can this be done in the field or must it be returned to you?

Functionality is upgraded by downloading and installing the latest client software.  If a firmware upgrade on the GS-911 device is required, this will be done automatically once you have the GS-911 device plugged in and run the updated GS-911 Windows software.  Thus it is completely field updateable and does NOT have to be returned to us (or our resellers) for firmware upgrades etc.

Do you have a Known Issues page?

Indeed we do, you can find it linked from the downloads page, or click here.

Do you have a summary of the bike models and what functionality is supported?

Yes, have a look at Function-Model-Matrix (Function Chart.)

Help me select the right GS-911

Here's a helpful diagram to help you select the GS-911 that is fit your needs...

All Enthusiast versions can easily be upgraded to Professional versions and all interfaces purchased before March 2009, will receive a fantastic discount on the Professional upgrade more

Compare the different GS-911 versions


How do the Professional and Enthusiast versions differ? ...see the related F.A.Q.

Help, I can't sign up, my label does not have a checksum

You're trying to use the online sign-up process, but the barcoded label on your GS-911 interface does not have a 4 digit checksum printed under the Serial Number.

The online sign-up process can only be done by users who have a GS-911 interface, and who have both the Serial number AND checksum, whether the checksum in printed below the Serial number on the barcoded label, or whether you've received it from us directly.


We started shipping these in September 2008 - if your interface has such a label, please follow the online sign-up process!

  • There might be a couple of interfaces that are shipped by our resellers that do NOT yet have the Checksum printed under the Serial number on the barcode label (as they are moving the previous month's stock) - your reseller will email you your Login details.

Customers without a checksum printed on the barcoded label:

If you are a new customer, an account will be created for you automatically. The account details are emailed to you along with your shipping confirmation (tracking number etc.), by YOUR Reseller. You will automatically be a Validated Customer once you receive your GS-911 shipping confirmation! These emails are sent ONLY once the package has been shipped, which generally is within 2 working days after receiving the order.

Not yet received your Login details:

If you have received your GS-911 package and have NOT yet received the email with your login details, then please check the following (in this order):

  • You have one of the new interfaces that allows you to register it using the online sign-up process - successful completion of the online sign-up process will be your Login and password details.
  • your SPAM filter - it might have filtered out the email you are waiting on (either from the online sign-up process or from you Reseller).
  • If you're waiting on an email from your Reseller, containing your Login details, then contact YOUR reseller, to get your Login details resent to you.
  • contact us

How do I connect the GS-911 interface to my motorcycle?

Follow the easy steps on the illustration in the How-To section... A picture speaks a thousand words...

How do the Professional and Enthusiast versions differ?

Starting in 2009, we are adding Service & Maintenance functionality to GS-911. Along with this we are differentiating between a GS-911 Enthusiast version and a GS-911 Professional version.

The only limitation that the Enthusiast version has is that the Service Functionality is limited to 10 motorcycles - this is done using each motorcycles unique VIN.  This DOES NOT apply to the pre-2009 "Emergency functionality" (Reading ECU info, reading and clearing Fault codes and real-time values). These, you can run on as many motorcycles as you wish.. without the VIN limitation coming into play at all - We don't want to prevent you from helping your stranded buddy at the roadside...

The Enthusiast/Professional differences only affect the PC/Laptop software, as the Service & Maintenance functionality is added ONLY to the PC/Laptop software (i.e. the Mobile software will remain an "Emergency Diagnostic Tool" with the current reading of ECU information, the reading and clearing of Fault codes and Real-time values) and thus remain status quo ( and if that was not clear enough yet.. There is NO VIN LIMIT on the Emergency functionality, hence you can use it on a gazillion motorcycles... ;-) )

For more information on the VIN limitiation, pls see the VINlimit page.

And for upgrade options (from Enthusiast to Professional version), pls see the upgrade information page.

How does you Release Cycle work?

Our release cycles work as follows:
The GS-911 PC version is the main version. We will implement functionality in GS-911's PC version, then release it as a Public Beta - We might release several Beta versions before turning that into a Full Release version. (Due to the nature of Beta versions, they are generally time limited - should one expire, download a newer one... Full release version are not time limited)

The mobile versions follow the PC version - i.e. at some point after the Public Beta of the PC version or possibly only after the Full Release, we will release once again a Beta of the Mobile version for a specific platform, eventually followed by it's Release version.

There are a lot of versions to support - and this is done to give the community the best possible coverage on there mobile devices... This makes it a lot of work... So please keep this in mind.

For more information on software release cycles and a Beta release in particular, please see the Wikipedia definition.

I have just purchased GS-911, but why can I not download the software?

In order to download the software, you have to be a Validated Customer. Click on the link to see what that entails. If you have just purchased GS-911, you will have to wait until you receive your shipping confirmation email.  This email will be sent to the address you supplied when you ordered, and has your tracking numbers as well as your username and password to log into the site and download the software. This email is sent when the package is shipped, which is generally within 2 working days from receiving the order.

Alternatively, if your GS-911 interface's barcode label has a checksum printed under the serial number, then you can follow the online sign-up procedure.  If it does not have the checksum, then your reseller has to provide you with your login details.

If I by it for my R1200GS for instance, will it also work on another bike or model?

Yes of course!  The thinking is to have a tool to help you!  That includes your riding buddies, or those stranded along the roadside...

What about the R1100S?

This one is interesting... It uses the same controllers as the R1150 motorcycles, and has the required round 10pin connector... and works well with GS-911.

What do all those Acronyms mean?

As in every filed there is a learning curve.  Some of the common acronyms are listed here.

What do the different colors of the LED mean?

The LED is a status indicator - there to help you... This is a very helpful little function, because you could be battling for hours trying to figure out why you can't get any communication with a controller on the bike, and in the meantime your comms line is shorted so there can't be any comms...

  • Green : your GS-911 interface is powered up and all is good
  • Blue : Bluetooth of course - the LED will be blue when it is communicating over Bluetooth
  • Orange/Yellow : if you're getting this while the Firmware is upgrading - don't worry... that's what its supposed to do!
  • Flashing Red : once you plug the device into the diagnostic plug on your motorcycle, and it flashes red, switch the ignition on and see whether it turns green - some controllers seem to take the K-line (comms line) low, when the ignition is off - if it turns green when you switch ignition on, don't fuss... If it still flashed red with ignition on, you have a shorted K-line... typically a wiring problem, but could also be a controller problem. Now go to the Setup window and press [Test Interface] this will tell you which K-line and whether it's shorted to Battery Positive or Ground.
  • Alternating Red/Green flashing : This flashes when there is communication between the GS-911 interface and the motorcycle, and you are connected using the USB port.
  • Alternating Red/Blue flashing : This flashes when there is communication between the GS-911 interface and the motorcycle, and you are connected using Bluetooth communication.

What does GS-911 do?

GS-911 is a unique software and hardware combination that allows the BMW enthusiast the ability to communicate with the control modules in a safe and controlled manner. In the true spirit of adventure associated with these motorcycles, the tool is also available with a Bluetooth interface, allowing you to use it with most modern mobile phones... no need for anything else...

What functionality do you have on these systems?

  • Read Diagnostic Fault Codes
    • This shows the Fault codes and text descriptions of the faults stored on the Electronic Control Unit.
  • Shows ECU information
    • See hardware and software versions, manufacturing dates, and other manufacturer related data.
  • Clear Diagnostic Fault Codes
    • Enables you to erase fault codes once the problem has been fixed.
  • Show Real-time data (Live data)
    • this is available on all Engine ECU's and many other ones, and shows the input, output and sensor data to the specific ECU.
  • Service & Maintenance functionality
    • we are increasing the coverage of this functionality as we go along... Pls check out the Function-Chart for more details...

What if a performance chip is used, will the GS-911 give a false reading?

Chipped bikes are always difficult to predict.. however, if it is a quality chip, then all should work well..
I have the BB Power chip in my 1150GS... and the GS-911 works great.. completely like it should !

What models does it cover?

The GS-911 tool was initially designed specifically with the GS range of motorcycles in mind. This however quickly expanded to most all current models that are electronically diagnosable. Currently it officially supports the following:


  • ALL R1200 models
  • ALL R1150 models
  • R1100S
  • Most R850 (all those with the round 10pin diagnostic connector)
  • ALL K1200 models (with or without CAN-bus)
  • K1300 models (coming soon)
  • ALL fuel-injected F models (F800, F650GS (800cc) and single and twin-spark F650CS/GS/Dakar)
  • ALL G650X models
  • G650GS (in upcoming Beta)
  • G450X (in upcoming Beta)
  • ALL C1 models

Have a look at the Function Chart to see what the latest is on supported functionality per model.

What systems does it work on?

This depends on the bike model, but in general we cover the following:

  • Engine controller (BMS-K, BMS-KP, BMS-C, BMS-CII, MA2.4)
  • ABS (ABS-II, ABS-N, Integral-ABS, Integral-ABS-CAN, Integral-ABS2-CAN, ABS8M, ABS8MOC)
  • Central Vehicle Electronics (ZFE)
  • Instrument cluster (Kombi)
  • Anti-Theft Alarm (DWA) - in upcoming Q1 '09 Beta
  • Tyre Pressure Control (RDC) - in upcoming Q1 '09 Beta
  • KMSK Engine controller for G450X - in upcoming Q1 '09 Beta
Note: Not all motorcycles have all the systems.  Please reference the Function Model Matrix (Function Chart) to see exactly what systems as covered on the individual models

Which GS-911 software to use

Users seem to be very confused about which software to download and use on what platform. Here's the software platform compatibility guide.

There are several software applications for GS-911, each specific to a particular platform, namely:

  • The GS-911 PC version for Windows XP and Vista (currently 32bit only but we are working on making it 64bit compatible)
  • The Windows Mobile PocketPC (WM 5&6 devices with touchscreens) version
  • The Windows Mobile SmartPhone (WM 5&6 devices without touchscreens) version
  • The BlackBerry version
  • The GS-911Mobile.jar version (for all other Java midlet enabled (and JSR-82 compliant) mobile phones, like Nokia, Motorola, Samsung etc). Also for the new BlackBerry that is JSR-82 compliant (running software 4.2.1 or newer)
  • The GS911Verifier - for use ONLY on the Java midlet enabled mobile phones, to test whether your device is capable of running the GS911Mobile.jar version (of course to be used on NON-Windows Mobile and NON-Blackberry mobiles such as Nokia, Motorola, Samsung etc... )

So let's summarize this in a table by platform:

PC/Laptop versions:

Operating system
GS-911 version
Windows XP (32 bit)
will soon be 64bit compatible (Beta Release Q1 '09)
Windows Vista (32 bit)
will soon be 64bit compatible (Beta Release Q1 '09)
 not available use the Windows version under Parallels or Fusion ( see related FAQ)
 not available no version planned
All other PC OS flavors
 not available no version planned

Mobile (phone & PDA) versions :

see the "how-will-i-know-whether-it-will-work-on-my-mobile-phone" FAQ

GS-911 version
Windows Mobile PocketPC (version 5 & 6) winmobilelogo.jpg
WinMobile devices with touch-screens
Windows Mobile SmartPhone (version 5 & 6) winmobilelogo.jpg
WinMobile devices without touch-screens
for use on all BlackBerry devices
Non-WinMobile and non-Blackberry devices gs911logo.jpg
These are your typical Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola etc. as well as the latest BlackBerry devices (rinning software 4.2.1 or newer). The device has to be JSR-82 compliant ( see related FAQ and test compliancy with the GS911Verifier.jar)
iPhone not available see related FAQ
Palm see comments
if it runs PalmOS see related FAQ
if it runs WinMobile, use the WinMobile software

Download your software from the Downloads page...(you require a login to download the software)

Why does my anti-virus program (AntiVir) tell me there is a virus in your Windows software?

AntiVir flags the GS-911 software.  This is a false-positive! AntiVir is the only one that gives this.  There are many other free (for personal use), but excellent Anti-Virus programs. Try Avast or AVG - and  they are available in various languages too... We have tested with Norton, AVG, Avast, McAffee, etc. without any problems!

This issue should be resolved with the inception of version 903.6

Why is it called "GS-911" ?

Quite simple, it started out as an Emergency Diagnostic tool for the GS-range of motorcycles.

Why will my GS-911 not read any of the ECUs ?

I have connected my GS-911 to the motorcycle correctly, but it will not read anything from the ECU's. All I get is the Battery voltage. I have tried it on other motorcycles, and it works fine. What am I doing wrong?

The GS-911 is not getting any response from the ECU(s).  This could be because of several reasons.

1. that you are NOT choosing the right model.
2. if you have chosen the correct model and you still don't get a response, then there are one of two problems...

  • the diagnostic connection between the connector and the engine controller is severed (highly unlikely, but possible), or
  • the ECU is not powered or not in a condition able to reply (more likely)
Reasons for the latter could be:
  • Immoilizer/Alarm still engaged,
  • kill switch NOT in the RUN position,
  • Ignition NOT ON
  • Neutral NOT selected.

The best way to check this would be to have the bike in Neutral, and start it... while it's idling connect GS-911 and connect to the Engine controller - If you can connect, then you've had one of the issues in (2) above... if you can't then you have a wiring problem.

Will the K1100 series ever be supported?

Pls see the related FAQ "Will the R1100 ever be supported?"

Will the R1100 series ever be supported?

Yes! But we can't commit to a fixed time-frame. The R1100S is already supported, as it has the MA2.4 Engine controller (and a round 10-pin diagnostic connector).  The other R1100 models, older R850 models as well as the K1100 models, have the MA2.1 and MA2.2 Engine controllers.  If you have a 1100, you will know that the diagnostic connector is very different (3-pin) from the current model ranges (all using the round 10pin connector). This is the main reason why we have not yet supported the 1100's...  We are currently tooling up a 3-pin adapter, once this process is completed we will add the support for the MA2.2 engine controller into the software.

The models we will cover with the adapter are the following:

Model From year
To year  Engine Controller  ABS Controller
 R1100GS 1993 1999 MA2.2 ABSII
 R1100R 1994
2001 MA2.2 ABSII
 R1100RS 1993 2001 MA2.2 ABSII
 R1100RT 1995 2001 MA2.2 ABSII

 R850GS 1999 2002 MA2.2 ABSII
 R850R 1994 2003 MA2.2 ABSII
 R850RT 1998 2002 MA2.2 ABSII

 K1100LT 1994 1999 MA2.2 ABSII
 K1100RS 1994 1997 MA2.2 ABSII

We are looking into the models below. If anyone has a MA2.1 controller they would like to donate, pls contact us.

Model From year
To year Engine Controller ABS Controller
 K1 1989 1994 MA2.1 ABS1C
 K100RS 1990 1994 MA2.1 ABS1B
 K1100LT 1992 1993 MA2.1 ABS1C
 K1100RS 1992 1993 MA2.1 ABS1C

Will the R850 series ever be supported?

They already are!  The newer R850 series with the round 10-pin diagnostic connector has the MA2.4 engine controller with Integral ABS or ABS2, while the older R850 models have the MA2.2 engine controller... which is not yet supported

How do you tell them apart? Easy... have a look a the diagnostic connector... if it has the round 10-pin diagnostic connector it will work... if it has the blue 3-pin diagnostic connector it will not work...

PC-based FAQs

Can I use the PC application over bluetooth?

Can I run the Windows XP or Windows Vista software and connect to the GS-911 interface over Bluetooth, in stead of through the USB cable?

The GS-911 Windows PC software is intended to be used over a USB connection... the bluetooth is intended for the mobile applications only...

however... if you can configure your bluetooth correctly, it is possible to use it over a Bluetooth connection. BUT, here are some points to keep in mind:

  1. You cannot update the firmware of the GS-911 interface over bluetooth - you have to be connected to the PC using a USB cable!
  2. You have to have your PC configured to use the Windows XP or Windows Vista Bluetooth stack (driver), in stead of any other third part bluetooth stack.  As we have no idea what else you have installed on your PC, this is an exercise left to the you... Seriously, there are many different types of bluetooth hardware and drivers and it would be impossible for us to support... Please don't ask us to help you with your bluetooth setup on your PC - that is something that you should be taking care of...

Once your PC's bluetooth is using the Operating system's bluetooth stack, then you simply pair with your GS-911 unit (remember, if asked for a pin, it is four zero's "0000"), and set up a bluetooth serial port. There after you simply select the correct COM port in the Setup of GS-911.

Once you can click the [Test] button and get the interface detail, your connection is working...


Does it run on my Apple MAC?

No, and Yes... It does not run on the Mac OS, but what several of our clients have done, with Intel-based MAC's, is to run Boot Camp, and install Windows XP as a Dual-Boot option more on Boot Camp

And if you're not in the mood to reboot every time you want to use Windows XP, we have several clients running GS-911 on Parallels Desktop for MAC more on Parallels or VMware Fusion more on VMware Fusion

Does it run on Windows Vista

But of course! But make sure of the minimum PC requirements!

Does it work on a Windows PC?

Yes, indeed.  Both models can connect to a PC / Laptop (running WindowsTM XP Service Pack 2, 32 bit (64 bit version supported as of Beta 903.6) or WindowsTM Vista, 32 bit (64 bit version supported as of Beta 903.6) through USB.

How do I install the software and USB driver on Windows XP?

Easy, just follow the detailed instructions in the How-To section.

click here for Windows XP instructions

click here for Windows Vista instructions

How do I update or uninstall an incorrect USB driver?

Use the Device Manager of Windows to do this - here is the step-by-step HowTo.

The drivers are not downloading to my laptop

Got the GS-911 and downloaded the software from your site to my laptop with Vista operating software, unfortunately the drivers are not downloading to my laptop. I've tried a few times installing and uninstalling but each time the laptop can't find the drivers for the device. Help, what do I do next?

The drivers are already on your machine - they are bundled with the GS-911 software that you downloaded from our website. The inside of the cardboard box has a sticker with some important instructions and a pointer to the Quick-Start-Guide. This guide will take you through the steps to install the USB drivers.  If you have already disposed of the packaging, click on the Quick-Start-Guide link.

What are the PC requirements?

The minimum PC requirements are a Desktop or Laptop with WinXP Service Pack 2, 32 bit version (64 bit version supported as of Beta 903.6), 512MB RAM, 50MB open harddrive space and of course an open USB port. If you're running Windows Vista, 32 bit version (64 bit version supported as of Beta 903.6), a minimum of 1024MB RAM and 50MB of open harddrive space is required.

Mobile-based FAQs

BlackBerry - cannot check for updates

When trying GS911Mobile, I receive the error: " could not open tunnel - failed." OR " Could not find a service book entry for IPPP"

If your Blackberry is NOT on a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES):
Users that are not on a BES must make sure their Blackberry is configured for generic access to the internet. Even though you might be able to surf the web from your Blackberry, it still must be configured to allow third party applications to access the Internet.

If your Blackberry is on a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES):
You might need to contact your IT department and indicate that Mobile Data Services (MDS) must be enabled for both the Server AND your user account. The BES server itself must also be able to make outbound connections to the Internet. Users on a BES server will typically have two different browsers on their device. One browser is usually named by your carrier, and the second is called "Blackberry Browser". If you cannot surf the web with the "Blackberry Browser", your device is not configured for proper Internet access, and GS-911 won't work either.

Also have a look at the FAQ on How To Configure Full Internet Access on BlackBerry

Bluetooth api available but not allowed by Operator. What does this mean?

When you test whether your mobile device (for non-BlackBerry and non-Windows phones) is JSR-82 compliant by running the GS-911Verifier.jar on your device, you could get the above as one of the results. This means that in theory your phone / mobile device could run GS-911 HOWEVER, your Mobile Network Operator has crippled the phone (probably a branded phone), by running other Firmware on it, and so doing, NOT allowing a whole host of things, one of which is a bluetooth Serial (profile) connection to a data device (this is not a audio device / headset).

This is not our fault, and something that MANY other people are very unhappy about in general!

To read more about Network Operator Crippled phones (specifically in the USA), see the links below:
Hence it is imperative that you test your mobile device using GS-911Verifier.jar or if you are buying a new one, ask the service agent to test it for you, if they don't know...

However, on the bright side, it seems the Network Operators are at long last seeing the err of their ways, and opening up their mobiles...

Can I download the GS911Verifier app directly onto my mobile?

If your mobile allows it and has connectivity (i.e. you can browse on your mobile), then just point your browser to  or depending on the case sensitivity of your mobile browser


Can the GS911 run on my Garmin Zumo 550?

My Garmin Zumo 550 has Bluetooth, can I use it to run my GS-911 application in stead of running it on my mobile phone?

Nope, unfortunately Bluetooth is only part of the requirement... the end device (the Zumo in this case) must still be able to run our GS-911 mobile application, which the Zumo is not capable of doing - they don't allow any third party applications to be installed or run on the device. ...Maybe one could talk to Garmin and suggest such an enhancement to their range... Anyone have any influence with Garmin? ;-)

Do you have a list of JSR-82 compatible phones?

Yes, we do - The JSR-82 List is by NO means complete and definitely not guaranteed to be 100% correct, but we're ticking the verified ones off - if anyone can add to the list, pls let us know.

Obviously with mobiles being released at the speed they are, it is impossible to keep an up to date list... the list linked above, dates from early 2007 (and has not been updated since...), but should give you a good idea...

If you already have a phone, then the best is to run the GS-911Verifier on it to test the capability, and if you're planning to purchase a new phone, Google it first!!!... Blackberry and Windows Mobile 5&6 phones are OK, but for the normal Java running phones, like your ordinary Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson etc, Google the name and ad "jsr-82" to the search... the phone has to be JSR-82 compliant if you're planning to run the GS-911mobile.jar file on it...

Does GS911Mobile support PalmOS?

in other words, will the java midlet version run on my PALM device?

Maybe... most bluetooth-enabled Palm's are not JSR-82 compliant. For the mobile application to work on your device, your device has to be:
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • be able to run MIDP (java) applications, and
  • be JSR-82 compliant

It has to conform to ALL three of these requirements... and the easiest way to find out whether your device will work, will be to upload the GS911Verifier.jar application to it and clicking the [Test] button...

Have a look at the related FAQ: "How will I know whether it will work on my mobile phone?"

Does it run on my iPhone?

No  ...and we have no idea when it will, as this is 100% up to Apple...

At present there is no Java Virtual machine for the iPhone (and it seems like there won't be one soon - SUN Micosystems investigated this, but it seems that negotiations with Apple were not fruitfull...

As an alternative, one could write a native application, as the SDK is now available, there is NO way one can do any Bluetooth communication using the SDK's API - as you probably are aware, bluetooth functionality on the iPhone is very limited ... At present (and until Apple release an update that rectifies/changes this) there is no way any application can use the bluetooth of the iPhone to communicate with the GS-911 interface...

Just to be sure, we confirmed this with Apple - here is their respons:

"Hi Stephan,

Thanks for getting in contact and sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  I've had a chance to review your video, and it looks like you guys have a terrific product.

Unfortunately, at this time, the only supported bluetooth devices for iPhone are bluetooth headsets � we do not provide a generic architecture for software to communicate via bluetooth."

And Yes, we know about Firmware 3.0, but up to date, have had no confirmation that it will support rfcomm...

The iPhone is a great device, and we will keep an eye out for updates...

Does the mobile version have a VIN limitation?

NO! With the introduction of the Service & Maintenance functionality in the PC/Laptop version, we are differentiating between an Enthusiast and a Professional version - the Enthusiast version limits (only) the Service and Mantenance functionality to be used on 10 motorcycles, using their VINs - read more on the VINlimit page.

However, as the mobile verion only has "Emergency Diagnostic tool" functionality (reading of ECU information, reading and clearing of fault codes and real-time information), there is no Service & Maintenance fucntionality to limit... and hence you can use it on a gazillion motorcycles and help everyone you encounter along the roadside!

Does the mobile version have service functionality?

No.  Due to numerous reasons, the mobile versions are Emergency Diagnostic tools only. This means they can read ECU information, read and clear fault codes and show real-time values. The Service & Maintenance functionality is only available in the PC/Laptop version.

The screen real-estate as well as input methods are *very* limited on many of the mobiles that the GS-911 Mobile version runs on, and it makes it near impossible from a user interface perspective.  And yes, some are very good, but if we do it for one mobile version, then we have to do it for all, and that's not going to be possible... If you want to service your motorcycle, use your PC or Laptop ;-).

Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute

This message is related to downloading the GS911Verifier.jar and GS911mobile.jar versions.

If you are getting this message, it means you are clicking on the file and you PC has an assosiation with .jar and is trying to run (execute) the file.  Keep in mind that this file is intended to execute on a mobile device and not on a PC.

The solution: right-click and save as...

How do I configure my GS911Mobile application after I have installed it?

The GS911Mobile application has to be configured. This also pairs with your GS-911 interface and tests the Bluetooth connectivity between your mobile device and the GS-911 interface. Here's a How-To on doing that... If you were just looking for the Bluetooth PIN to make the pairing connection, this is "0000".

How do I get the GS911Verifier.jar onto my mobile?

All mobiles are different - read your mobile device's user manual to figure out how to install additional Java applications. You can download this file in the downloads section, then get it onto your mobile as per your device's possibilities (i.e Bluetooth the file to it, upload it to the mobile, using the management software from the vendor or download it directly onto your mobile (see the next point...)

The GS911Verifier,jar is intended to be run on java-enable mobile phones that can run midlet applications, like your typical Nokia, Motorola, Samsung etc (not for use with Windows Mobile devices or BlackBerries).

And if you're trying to download it onto your PC, and are getting "Failed to load main-class manifest from C:\.....", then your GS911Verifier.jar file is trying to execute (run) on your PC... This is intended for mobile devices only... and if it is trying to execute it propably means you are clicking on the file (left-clicking) an you PC Operating system wants to open it... Please right-click an use "Save as"...

How will I know whether it will work on my mobile phone?

If you have :

  • a Windows Mobile 5 or 6 device, then NO Problem, it works!
  • a BlackBerry device, if you're using the native BalckBerry application, then NO Problem, it works! If you're planing on using the mobile Java application, then first use the GS-911Verifier to test your BlackBerry's JSR-82 compliancy...(all BlackBerries running software 4.2.1 or newer)
  • an iPhone, then it will NOT work currently - see the related FAQ !
  • a Normal phone that runs Java applications (like most typical Nokia, Sony Ericsson, some Palm's etc.) - These must be JSR-82 compliant and you should check your phones compatibility with GS-911Verifier (read below)

If you have a normal phone that can run Java applications (this means it is NOT an older BlackBerry (most new BlackBerries can run Java midlets) or Windows Mobile 5/6 device, but your typical Nokia or Sony Ericsson for instance), then you have to check whether it is JSR-82 compliant. This is a prerequisite for the application to run!

You can download the GS911Verifier.jar from the downloads section. This Java midlet will simply test your phone and tell you whether it is suited or not - most are ;-) . Once you click the [Test] button, the status will be shown as one of the following:

  • "Your device is capable of running GS911!" (good on you.. you can run the Java midlet on your device!)
  • "Bluetooth api not available - Java VM is not JSR-82 compliant". (If the API could not be found, your phone is not JSR-82 compliant, and it will not work on this mobile device.)
  • "Bluetooth api available, but not allowed by Operator". (Some phones are crippled by the network operator (typically Cingular/AT&T - we have had no feedback on Verizon devices yet), this is one of them, and it will NOT work on this mobile device. We are currently in negotiations with Cingular/AT&T to get the application signed which in theory should make it work ;-)

Please also see the FAQ on Network Operator Crippled phones (specifically in the USA):

My mobile or PDA has USB, Can I use the USB to connect to the GS-911?

No you cannot! Normal USB has host controllers (typically the PC/Laptop) or hubs, and the devices that plug into them are client devices... You cannot make a straight connection between two host controllers, nor can you directly connect two client devices together... The GS-911 is a USB client device, as it plugs into the PC (the host).  Your PDA is in all likelihood also a USB client device, and hence  you cannot connect the PDA directly to the GS-911, using its USB port.  Even if your device had a USB host controller, you would still need the USB drivers installed and these are only available for the Windows Operating system.

What are the Mobile requirements?

For ordinary phones (NOT Blackberry, or Windows Mobile 5 & 6), like your typical Nokia, Motorola or Sony Ericsson etc., the mobile requirements are a phone that has bluetooth and runs Java applications AND it has to comply to JSR-82.  See additional FAQ: How will I know whether it will work on my mobile phone?

There are also additional versions available for the Blackberry and Windows Mobile 5 & 6 devices.

What is JSR-82 compatibility?

This is a Java Specification that means the Java midlet is able/allowed to use the Bluetooth functionality of your mobile device/phone.

From Wikipedia: "The Java APIs for Bluetooth is a Java Micro Edition specification for APIs that allow Java midlets to use Bluetooth on supporting devices. The specification was developed under the Java Community Process as JSR 82."

What is the Mobile version?

GS-911blu is the bluetooth enabled interface, that affords you the diagnostic capability on your mobile phone. In stead of a PC/Laptop you have a mobile version of the software running on your phone. The Mobile version is available in 4 versions:

  • for most normal phones that can run Java applications (JSR-82 is a prerequisite),
  • BlackBerry phones
  • Windows Mobile 5 & 6 devices with touch-screen (PocketPC),
  • Windows Mobile 5 & 6 devices without touch-screen (SmartPhone edition).

Please check the requirements for your mobile device.

Why do some models have "ts" after them in the Mobile version?

Because screen real-estate (read: screen size) is limited on the mobile devices, we have abbreviated the "twin-spark" (2004 and on) to "ts"

Will it work on my Blackberry?

YES - quite a number of our customers have been using the Blackberry Mobile version now... Check out this How-To.

Will it work on my IPAQ or Windows Mobile phone?

YES - If your device runs Windows Mobile 5 or later you can get the software from the downloads page. There is also a how-to on installing and configuring it on your phone/pda.

If you have an older device the short answer is NO - but we've heard of installations on PocketPC 2003 using a compliant java vm. Due to the installation complexity we do NOT officially support this setup.

Ordering, Shipping & Pricing FAQs

How much does it cost?

Have a look at the Compare versions page.

What is the upgrade policy on the unit? Are the firmware and software upgrades free?

When purchasing the unit, you are entitled to one year of free upgrades - PC and mobile versions.  We reserve the right to charge an upgrade fee (although not currently implemented!) after one year, which will entitle you to another year's upgrades.  Please note that your software will not stop working after a year, and you are under NO obligation to purchase upgrades - it's your choice whether you want to or not...

Also, if you have not upgraded for a while, then these are NOT back-payable, i.e. no need to catch up on the payments for the years you've missed in order to get the latest update (as many diagnostic software manufacturers insist).

Suggested cost for upgrades would be US$49 for GS911blu and US$35 for GS911usb at the current $299 and $249 pricing respectively.


You purchase (and register/activate) GS-911 on 23 September 2008, and you can download updates at any time for the following year, ending in 24 September 2009. If there is an update that you want 03 July of 2011 (no longer within the year of free upgrades), and you purchase the update, then you will again have a year of free updates that will expire a year from the date of purchase of your update (to 04 July 2012).

HOWEVER, we have not implemented this yet, and only reserve the right to do so... Up to this point all updates have been free... even to those that have purchased their GS-911 more than 2 years ago!

Where can I order GS-911?

You can order it from our online store. We are based in California.

Why have the prices increased?

GS-911 was introduced and offered as an Emergency Diagnostic Tool, with the intent of reading and clearing fault codes etc.  However, with it's popularity the need grew to offer more than just an Emergency Tool, and early in 2009 the GS-911 Enthusiast version with Service and Maintenance functionality was launched. 

This new Enthusiast version retails for US$349 for the GS-911blu and US$299 for the GS-911usb respectively.

The primary reason was to allow a 2nd tier of distribution - you will shortly start seeing GS-911 stocked by many of your favorite Accessory suppliers (and if they don't yet stock it as an off-the-shelf product, ask them why not...)

The secondary reason was to recoup the long and arduous development time take to shape the GS-911 Emergency Tool into the new GS-911 Diagnostic Tool (in short: by keeping ourselves alive, we keep producing more and better functionality for GS-911).  You will see the Service & Maintenance functionality grow in leaps and bounds throughout 2009!

See the Compare versions page for a detailed breakdown of the functionality and pricing.